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Why post interview thank you notes actually matter - P-Recruiter
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Writing post interview thank you notes actually matter. Although, many are guilty of not doing this practice. Not only are thank you notes good manners, they also show the interviewer that you care. Below are three reasons why you should always send post interview thank you notes.

It’s good manners

It’s good manners to show the company that you appreciate their time. Recruiters will see that you are polite and will go the extra mile to show appreciation. This is always a good characteristic in a team member. A nice recruiter will also thank you for your time after an interview.

It reinforces your interest in the job

This is the most important reason for sending a thank you note. It shows the recruiter that you want the job and care about the position.

Sending a thank you note also shows the recruiter that if you are willing to go the extra mile in something like an interview, you will also be willing in your job.

It shows your attention to detail

Writing a thank you note that is more than just “thank you for your time”, but personalized, shows you paid attention. When writing a thank you note, make it thoughtful. Mention some of the points from your interview and how you are looking forward to further communication.

Sending a personalized thank you note is an extra that shows your recruiter that you care about the position, that you have attention to detail and that you will go above and beyond. If for some reason you didn’t get the interviewer’s email address, you can always call the company and ask for their email, or send the note by mail. A personalized thank you note makes you stand out to recruiters, especially if it is a close call between you and another candidate.

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