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How many is too many when applying for jobs? - P-Recruiter
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Applying for jobs is a task that requires you to be active and proactive. Your current circumstance will determine how committed you are to finding a new job and how quickly. Some people apply for 5, 10, 100 or more, before finding a job that suits their requirements.

When asking, how many is too many, instead of qualifying in terms of numbers, focus on achieving goals, planning and strategizing your search. Ask yourself the following questions in your job search if you are unsure if your efforts are paying off.

Am I doing enough?

Most of the time in a job search, if you feel that you are not doing enough, see where you can improve. A job search is more than just submitting applications. You need to research the company, and tailor your resume, and your application to each role. To be most effective in your search, you also need to network, and get consulting, if you can. To make sure that you are most effective in your job search, you need to put in 100% effort in every application you send.

Am I pursuing different paths?

The number of career paths you are pursuing will affect the number of jobs you apply for. If you are a fresh graduate and interested in many different career opportunities, then you may apply for more jobs than a professional in a senior position, with fewer roles available.

Am I a standout applicant?

Being a standout applicant depends on two things: 1) how competitive the industry/company is and 2) how unique and valuable your skills are.

If you are a fresh graduate with no experience and limited skills, then you probably won’t be a stand out applicant. You will most likely face more competition and may need to apply for more jobs. If you are a senior professional with 10+ years experience with unique and valuable skills, then you are likely to have less competition and stand out more.

Am I applying blindly?

Remember that in a job search, more is not always better. You want to be applying for jobs that you qualify for. You want to make sure that the job is in line with your goals, and that you can bring value to the company. Applying blindly means applying without a strategy, doing that is a waste of effort and time. Be strategic with your application strategy and the kind of jobs that you are applying for. Apply for jobs that you are qualified for and have the skills to complete well.

When applying for jobs, be active in your job search. Be proactive in your applications, giving more than required. It’s better to give 100% to 5 applications, than 5% to 100 applications. It’s not necessarily about the number of jobs you apply for, but the jobs that you are able to bring value to and that align with your career goals.

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