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Job search basics for a management position - P-Recruiter
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If you’re commencing a job search for a management position for the first time, there are many things to consider. Before applying for a management position, take time to build your skill set, increase your responsibilities in your current role and develop your leadership skills. To sufficiently prepare for a management position, read the job search basics below.

Ask the important questions

To know if you are management material, it’s important to be self-aware. Ask yourself; what are my strengths and weaknesses? Am I comfortable making important decisions that may impact the organization’s success? Do I have the time-management and communication skills I need? Am I able to motivate an entire team to work towards a goal? How do I handle issues with subordinates or team members? Am I comfortable in confrontation or do I shy away? Do I have the ability to praise others, give constructive criticism and reprimand others when necessary? Am I willing to have my success dependent on the success of my team?

If you have answered no to any of these questions, then you may not be ready for a management position.

Know the company

If you are applying for a management position, you are expected to know the functions, services and products of the company. If you are already at the company, you may already know this. Do your research ahead of time to make sure that you fully understand the company, what they do, and their overall goal. As a manager, you will be helping them achieve their goals and vision for the company.

Evaluate your experience

Take a look at your CV and evaluate the experience that you have. If you find gaps in your CV to the job description, then start working on filling them. Do this by taking management courses, developing your skills and start taking on broader projects or tasks in your role to expand on your skills. Think of past projects you’ve completed in a management or leadership position and what skills you needed to complete those roles successfully. Which of those skills were you good at and which ones could you improve – for example, time management, organization or communication skills.

Rearrange your CV

When you were an entry-level employee, you were more focused on showing your education. Now that you are applying for a management position, interviewers are more interested in viewing your accumulative experience. Put your experiences, achievements and skills at the top of your CV. Include any qualifications and professional development courses that you may have taken that are relevant to the position. Tailor your CV to the position and the company and use numbers to quantify your success, if possible.

Research and apply

If you’re applying for a management position in your current company then you would know who to contact. If you are applying at a new company, if possible, find out the name of the person to contact and their details, this way you can personalise your application.

Prepare yourself for the interview

When interviewing for a management position you need to display excellent communication skills. This is essential because you must be able to explain a task to an employee in different ways, communicate what is expected of the team and give recognition to those that deserve it.

You need to prove these skills in the interview. Instead of just answering questions, ask the interviewer questions too. This shows initiative and that you care about your career. Having a conversation with the interviewer also shows that you are personable and able to communicate with different people in different situations. Finally, make sure that you prepare for tough questions.

Applying for a management position for the first time can be a daunting experience, and the process will likely be a learning curve. The job search basics require preparing, to interviewing for positions, with adequate feedback, you can learn where you need to improve and how to reach that point in your career.

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