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How to answer difficult interview questions - P-Recruiter
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Answering difficult interview questions always require strong communication skills and good story-telling ability. To make this easy for everyone, the STAR technique helps you deliver your answer in a clear and structured way.

STAR stands for:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

The key to using the STAR technique is to use it to answer behavioural and competency based questions. Use it to tell stories that have a clear beginning, middle and end. Be detailed with answers, but keep it under 3 minutes. Always keep your story in a positive perspective.

Describe the situation – what was happening, who was involved, what you were working on.


Describe the task of the situation – describe the project you were working on, the goals you were trying to achieve, and the objectives for you and your team.


Action will be the longest part of your answer where you show your direct involvement in solving the matter. Talk about your use of available resources, and personal and relevant skills in you brought to the situation.

The action part should tell your interviewer exactly what you did, how you did it and why.


Here is where you wrap up your answer by telling the interviewer the benefits of your actions. Describe the benefits your actions had on the team/company, project and your own development.

Using the STAR technique helps you stay on track with answering difficult interview questions and give as much detail as necessary. Before your interview, rehearse 5 answers  based on your biggest achievements career-wise that you can use the STAR technique for. Think of how you can present your answers to suit different questions.

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