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Are internships really worth it? - P-Recruiter
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Internships can seem unnecessary to both the company and the students. However, a survey of 9000 professionals, by Bayt, found that internships provide more benefits than you would think to both the student and the company. Internships provides opportunities for students to learn the ropes and gain experience in a professional environment. They give companies extra help when needed and bring a fresh and new perspective to the company. These are benefits, but see what professionals really had to say about their experiences with internships.

Are internships valuable or disruptive to companies?

Interns are of use to many companies and bring value to the company. The majority of respondents (88.2%) said they believed that interns are “very useful” to their businesses. They also believed that interns brought many benefits to the company. Seven out of ten (73.6%) respondents said that internships allowed them to identify talent for future positions.

Other benefits of interns included “quickly fill temporary seasonal positions” and “providing extra help for small teams or departments”. Over four out of five (86.9%) respondents said that their companies “always have interns”. Only 5.4% said they have interns, but “not always”, 3.3% said they were “planning to start” and 4.4% said they are “not interested” in having interns.

Interns are of great value to companies as they provide help and give a new perspective.

Do interns see the value in internships?

More than seven out of ten professionals (71.5%) said that, while at university, it was mandatory to complete an internship or some form of practical training. Over half of them (56.2%) said that their internships helped them “gain hands-on work experience”, 4.6% said it helped them “develop new skills and knowledge”, 4.2% said it helped them “explore their field of interest and career potential”, 1.4% said it helped them “network and build professional connections”.

Over a third of them (33.6%) said it provides all of these benefits, and 76.2% of respondents agree that internships “increase the job candidate’s chances of getting hired”.

Are all internships equally valuable?

When choosing an internship, nearly two thirds of professionals said that the number one thing they look for is the “type of company/field of work”, 29.4% said that they look for “type of projects and job responsibilities”, and 6.2% said it depends on the “ability to obtain university credit”.

Surprisingly, only 2.8% of respondents said that compensation was the most attractive factor. 79.3% of respondents said they were willing to complete an unpaid internship, compared to 20.7% who disagreed.

Internships are valuable to both student and companies and come with many benefits. It not only makes it easier for graduates to find a job when they have experience, but also helps companies identify new talent, making their candidate search easier.

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