P-Recruiter understands Saudization, the increasing impact it has on a company and provides solutions that deliver results and maximize goals. We have a multitude of clients across different industries who rely on us to support them in meeting their Saudization needs. Our solutions match talented Saudi workers with SMEs, multinational organizations and government entities across all industries. 

P-Recruiter also provides Saudization consulting for companies who need further support in remaining compliant in their Saudization.

Onsite Recruitment

Our onsite recruitment management solutions are bespoke to each client and are delivered at the client’s location to meet their requirements of more than 10 hires. It provides a cost effective solution for companies looking to hire for larger numbers of roles whilst being able to provide face to face support to the in house hiring managers.

Direct Hiring

P-Recruiter provides a full spectrum of in house services for direct hire recruitment. A bespoke search is created for each client and can include; digital searches, contact searches, in house database, candidate screening, interviewing and full assessments on both a local and international scale. We provide mid to senior level recruitment across a range of industries and ensure that we provide the right candidate at the right time in the right position.

Candidate Assessment

We extensively test, screen and assess all candidates that apply for roles. Using a number of different tests including; interviews, psychometric testing, technical simulations, and in office trials, we ensure that the candidates that we put forward to our clients, meet their requirements and fit with their brand, culture and strategic goals.

Senior Executive Outsourcing

P-Recruiter provides senior executive level management for projects and assignments for a minimum of one year. By outsourcing these roles, companies have the expertise and support they need without the need to hire permanent staff. We provide senior management across a multitude of industries on both a local and international level.


We provide Emiratization services to both the public and private sectors in the UAE. Our bespoke approach matches candidates and companies together for long term employment.

P-Recruiter provides a results driven solution to companies needing support in Emiratization. We also provide Emiratization consulting services to companies needing further support including how to retain Emirati employees, how to build engaging work environments and how to build a string Emiratization strategy.