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Resume rules you may not know about - P-Recruiter
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As the recruitment world progresses with the times, there are changes to the commonly held resume rules. The old rules are outdated because of the way technology has advanced the way recruitment works. Below are some tips you can use to upgrade your resume and get your resume seen.

  • The one page resume no longer applies

Having a one page resume is an old rule that many people have kept to. However, this is no longer the case depending on your years of experience, your industry, your career objective and the number of employees you have had.

It is essential to keep the key achievements and skills on the first page so that a recruitment officer will recognise them on a first glance. As a general rule, if you have more than 10 years experience, then you can have a resume longer than one page.

Tailor your resume to each position
Instead of sending out the same resume to every the applications, take the keywords from each job description, and use them in your resume, where relevant. This is useful because your resume is more likely to be read by a computer before a human, and therefore will give you a higher ranking over other candidates when it comes to job relevancy.

  • Include the URL of your LinkedIn profile

Including your LinkedIn URL and any other relevant URLs, such as portfolio, or websites. The company is most likely going to Google you anyway, and this way you can show transparency, initiative and showcase any work you have done.

  • Include a summary or personal branding statement

Including a summary rather than an objective, shows potential employers your main experience and achievement and how this can be beneficial to the company in a quick and easy way to digest. For example:

  • Sales Executive with 5 years experience in luxury cars. Has effective communication skills, possesses excellent presentation skills, logical and problem-solving abilities. Consistently met targets, can implement budgets, create and lead high-performing teams and good client relationship building skills.
  • Over 5 years of Marketing Communications experience, with the ability to take an idea and implement it across an organisation on multiple levels, with proven results.
  • Don’t leave college activities on your resume for too long

Career experts recommend removing college-related activities from your resume 2-5 years after graduating. They also say that unless you are a recent graduate, you should remove the year of graduation from your resume, this can help protect you from age discrimination

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