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How much does industry matter in salary negotiation? - P-Recruiter
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Salary negotiation is a big part of securing a job offer that you are happy with and is an invaluable skill to have in many aspects of your career. Going into salary negotiation without a strategy is likely to mean you are not going to get the result that you are after.

There are common pitfalls you can avoid when it comes to salary negotiation, if you do your research beforehand. Firstly, it is important to know your industry and understand your niche. Talk to other people in your industry about salary negotiation, and research the average and median salary expectations for your position.

According to a survey conducted by, individuals in the tech industry with more experience are more likely to negotiate their salary, compare to entry-level employees. Individuals with 10+ years are 53% more likely to negotiate compare to 40% for entry-level employees. Also found, men were more likely to negotiate than women, at a ratio of 53% compared to 49%. Intriguingly, employees between the age range of 41-45 years, negotiated more than any other age range, above or below. Understanding how to negotiate, when it is appropriate and how far to go is extremely beneficial.

Ensuring that you know industry standards for salary and what your expectation is, taking into account your experience and skills will play in your favor. If your industry is an industry where salary negotiations are expected, than more than likely your prospective employer will offer you a salary lower than what you expect, as they are expecting you to negotiate. There is no harm in asking for more pay if you feel you are entitled to it.

The best way to enter salary negotiation is with a strategy. Ensure that you have done your research, spoken to other industry professionals and picked a number that you are comfortable with. Avoid accepting a job offer too quickly or being first to offer up a salary expectation.