We are driven by a belief that people are a company’s most valuable asset and hiring is one of the most important decisions you make. In short, we put the right person in the right organization at the right time.

We are rapidly becoming recognized one of the leading recruitment agencies for Saudi Arabia. From our offices in Riyadh, Dubai and London we specialize in providing;

  • Contingent recruitment – one to four hires
  • Multiple hiring – for five or more hires
  • Contracting – short term and set term assignments
  • Senior Executive Search – heading hunting for senior roles
  • Saudization – Saudi national recruitment

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We are one of the first Saudi recruitment companies to expand into the UAE and UK.

We help talent to find their position and advance their career. And we help companies to attract and most importantly retain their talent, enabling them to transform their businesses.

  • We are the only Saudi Arabia based recruitment company to have offices in Dubai and London
  • 86% of our customers that recommend us
  • 97% retainment rate of our customers

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